Black and White photography at the temples of Angkor

Black and White photography at the temples of Angkor

Here come some black/white images of Angkor Wat – time for big drama! On our Angkor Wat Photography tours we practice with our guests a range of photography topics: portrait, landscape, picture composition and a lot more. Next to being our “training objects” they are a big sight – visiting them is a once in lifetime moment! Get a Private tour for personal tutoring or join a group tour to exchange with photography enthusiasts from all over the world.


This image was taken at one of the town gates to Angkor Thom, the city next to Angkor Wat. It is a huge complex of temples, palaces and shrines, surrounded by a big wall and a moat. The gates display the smiling faces of a historic king to all four directions; through some of them goes a paved road while others are accessible only after a short walk. We know all the hidden corners which provide these fantastic motifs!

Angkor Thom gate


The same king is displayed more than 200 times on the towers of the Bayon, one of the central temples in Angkor Thom. It is one of the many must-see places and therefore often crowded by visitors. We know at what times it is less occupied – but still in a good light of course.

Bayon b+w


Even under a cloudy sky Angkor Wat makes up for stunning images. It is of course also available in colour..

Angkor Wat b+w


And here we have a big reclining Buddha who rests on the left side. This is odd, but Cambodia is the “Kingdom of Wonders” so expect to be surprised on every step!

Reclining Buddha b+w

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