Images from our last few Angkor Wat temple tours

Images from our last few Angkor Wat temple tours

It is high season in Siem Reap. That means a lot to do… fortunately 😉 Unfortunately, time for blogging and image post-production becomes scarce. But before I start a 4 day tour with a German client I thought I need to do something…. So I took some of the best pictures from the last few weeks, edited them a little bit and here we go, some black and white images of the Angkor temples.

The first image is a smiling Buddha from the Bayon temple. The Bayon sits right in the middle of the Angkor Thom temple area and consists of big and small towers. Each tower has 4 smiling Buddha faces (North, East, West, and South). If you look around the temple you will find a lot of places where you can have 2 or more faces on a single picture (my max is 6 so far). The best time to visit Bayon is at around 4PM. That is because the sun is already low and the eyes and nose of the Buddhas don’t cast shadows anymore.

The second picture is from one of the major gates leading into Angkor Thom, the North Gate. Each of the four Angkor Thom gates served different purposes in the very old day. Today they only serve one single purpose, to allow access for the tourists (and photographers). The picture was taken in the afternoon at around 4PM. And just to mention, this is a rather rare picture. Because usually, you really have no chance of getting a clean shot like this (full of tourists). But Angkor Wat Photography tours know where to be when 😉

The next image is from a temple that is rather new on my tours – Preah Khan. Everybody knows Ta Prohm. The temple with the trees that became famous with the Tomb-Raider movie. This fame takes its toll. Going to Ta Prohm always includes thousands of tourists. So clean shots of some of the trees is almost impossible. Preah Kahn provides a very suitable alternative. Because the temple is a little further away people taking the small tour will not get there. In addition, Preah Kahn is much larger than Ta Prohm. So even there are some people around, it never feels disturbing and shooting the trees without tourists on the picture is quite easy.

The next image is also one of the Preah Khan trees. Or lets say what is left from the tree. The tree somehow broke and only the roots remain on the building. It is quite amazing when you see this small temple covered by the roots. It reminds me a bit on one of these lions sitting on some temples in Rome.I really wonder how that is possible… I mean the tree must be hundreds of years old and obviously the seed of the tree must have landed on the roof of the temple. How can he otherwise grow at this crazy place? Well, anyway, is a great opportunity for a picture… so why worry 😉