Angkor Wat by Night

Angkor Wat by Night

Have you ever seen Angkor Wat by night? And have you ever tried to capture that spirit? Well, here is your chance! We will guide you through the night of Angkor Wat. Having said that, this tour is only available on certain days of the year. That is because the Cambodian government decided to stop lighting the temples in the night some few years ago. However, when the lights are on we know when and where the light is best, we know about the shadows of this great place and how to use them to create stunning images. You will see, after you have done the tour your vacation images will change forever! The tour starts in Siem Reap where we will pick you up from your hotel.

Usually the Angkor Wat Temples are not accessible during the night apart from special occasions. If you are interested in this tour just let us know. We will tell you when the next tour will be possible.

In case you have never done night photography and you need basic instructions about your camera, a 1 or 2 hour workshop can be done before the tour starts. This workshop is used to teach you about the functionality of your camera and about the basic settings you need to know when it comes to night photography. The cost for the workshop is 12 USD per person/hour and starts before the actual tour starts. We will of course pick you up from your hotel in time.

  • Angkor Wat by Night Photo Tour – 3 hours – 39USD (2 people minimum)
  • Since night access to the temples needs to be confirmed by the authorities we will have to check the tour schedules according to your availability.
  • Minimum 2 but not more that 6 participants in order to get the best shots for every participant
  • Hotel pickup before the tour starts
What you will need is a tripod. The reason is that we work with long exposure settings, so hand-holding your camera is not possible anymore. For those not having a tripod we can provide some few pieces for a very little charge (4 USD). Please send your requirement together with your booking. In addition you should either have a cable release (wireless works as well) or you should be aware about how to set the timer on your camera. If you are not aware about the timer settings we will tell you how it works.
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