Personal Photographer Tour

Personal Photographer Tour

Cambodia is an amazing country and a completely different world. In order to explore that world you might want to do a tour without meeting with large crowds of tourists. In addition, you are interested in photography, you wanna learn how to handle your camera, you wanna learn how to improve your pictures? Or would you like to have a private tour for you and your family? Would you like to have a very customized tour with a very special topic? Do you want to combine the Angkor Wat Photography Tour with the Siem Reap by Night Tour? Or temples with nature? The possibilities are unlimited, whatever you want we can put together in a tour for you. Such tours can include special itineraries or they can be for photographers with little time but the desire to photograph all the major attractions in Cambodia.

The Personal Photographer Tour has the advantage of the unshared attention of your guide, so he can focus on your individual needs and interests. No other customers will interfere. When you want to stop on the way to take pictures of villages, people, animals or whatever, you can do – it´s your day. We adapt the schedule to your wishes.

The price for the Personal Photographer Tour starts with 100 USD for a half day (full day at 190 USD) and will be conducted by one of our western pro-photographers. Costs for the transport and maybe entrance tickets are here not yet included. If you have a Canon camera and you need some special equipment such as zoom lenses or wide angle lenses, just let us know. There is a number of lenses and other accessories available (remote trigger, tripods, Speedlite, filters, and so on…).

The available languages are German, English, French and Japanese. For tours outside Siem Reap please take appropriate taxi and gasoline cost into consideration.

Wanna go to the National resort Phnom Kulen to take pictures and you want a pro-photographer to join? Want to visit the bird sanctuary for wildlife shots? Want to go to the mountain area in the north or even to Laos for taking great pictures? We bundle our photography services with travel agencies taking care about transportation and accommodation. You will see, such a trip is a great experience!

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