Phnom Kulen Photography Tour

Phnom Kulen Photography Tour

Phnom Kulen is one of the most important religious sites in Cambodia and is located in the Siem Reap province. Phnom Kulen is considered the birth place of the ancient Khmer empire. Apart from the historical importance Phnom Kulen offers a vast amount of great photography sites. And this is why we decided to add a Phnom Kulen Photography Tour to our program.

Our Phnom Kulen Photography Tour brings you to a large number of historical sites with spots very few tourists actually come to see. But the main attraction are of course the famous waterfalls. The larger waterfall is around 20 meters high and 15 meters wide. While the large waterfall is often used by locals for a swim, there are a number of smaller waterfalls where you can hardly find any people. When taking pictures of the waterfall we will use long exposure camera techniques making the water smooth like silk. In order to do so you will need a sturdy tripod. If you cannot bring a tripod just let us know, we have some standing around.

Phnom Kulen is also frequently visited by Buddhist monks giving great opportunity for unique images. The Phnom Kulen mountain is around 30 kilometers away from the Angkor temple area. The last 10 kilometers of the road is a dirt road and can only be mastered with a car (no TukTuk can drive there). When driving up the mountain we will stop at certain places in order to take great landscape pictures of this unique environment. After parking the car our Phnom Kulen Photography Tour will guide you to the “River of the 1000 Lingas”, some other religious sites and temples, and, after all, to the Phnom Kulen Water Falls.

  • Phnom Kulen Photography Tour – Daytour – 110 USD per Person (2 people minimum), transport included.
  • The tour starts at 9:30 am and ends at about 5:30 pm at your hotel.
  • The tour is done with an air-conditioned car or a Jeep because TukTuks cannot climb up the mountain.
  • Maximum 6 participants in order to get maximum attention from our guide for each participant.
  • Entrance fee is NOT included in this price (per person 20 USD entrance fee). Same is valid for catering (but is available for some few Dollars on site).

If you have any questions regarding the tour or if you want to book this tour for a group, just drop us an email. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

On the way to Phnom Kulen we will stop at certain points to photography the amazing Cambodian countryside with its green rice paddies, blue sky and tall palm trees. While taking landscape pictures you will have the chance to experiment with several camera filters highlighting the advantage of such additional equipment.

Phnom Kulen Photography Tour

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