Photography in rainy season at Angkor Wat

Photography in rainy season at Angkor Wat

The rainy season in Cambodia makes the traveling more difficult, but it also offers advantages. The places are not so crowded and the nature becomes lush and green; colors of stone, landscape intensify. For photographers it´s the best time of the year!


This young lady controls her obvious beauty in a mirror before posing for photos with tourists. The famous Apsara dancers keep the tradition of Cambodian temple dance alive; they performed already for the ancient kings of Angkor. Their elegance and grace is without comparison.


The next image is taken at one of the smaller water reservoirs at Angkor. Some of them fill up with water in the rainy season, others are sanded. We use them as motives for the landscape photography teaching during our tour. Can you see which side is up and which is down? 😉


Rainy season melancholy – this boy waits for tourists to photograph him for a donation. The rain benefits the photographers, adding a special intensity to the colours of the stone. But for him less customers means less business.


Two nuns reading sacred texts and enjoying the attention of the visitors. Time for a joke and an interaction is always given. They are a regular motive on our Angkor Wat Photography Tours, for the practice of portrait photography.